What To Do If You Are Suicidal​

Remember that you are not alone and although you may think that suicide is the only option, many people have been in your position and with the right support, have conquered their demons and moved on in life. If you are suicidal, follow the guidance below:

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What To Do If You Know Someone Who Is Suicidal​

If you know someone at immediate risk of suicide (actively suicidal), self-harm, or hurting someone else, you should follow the following guidance.

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Suicide Prevention Helplines​

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The following scale is useful in relation to suicidal thoughts and behaviour:

        1. Wishing you could go to sleep and not wake up for a while.

        2. Thinking you would be happy if you could just cease to exist.

        3. Wondering what the point of life is and why you should live.

        4. Thinking about suicide, but not planning to do anything.

        5. Considering methods and plans to end your own life.

        6. Imminently in danger of implementing a plan to kill yourself.

We can categorise the above as passive or active. When passively suicidal, someone may have thoughts of suicide, but are not planning on acting on those thoughts. When actively suicidal, someone will have made their mind up to implement a plan to kill themselves.

Talk to someone you can trust

Let family or friends know what is going on and let them know what they can do in emergencies. They may be able to offer support and help keep you safe. There is no right or wrong way to talk about suicidal feelings – starting the conversation is what’s important.

Who else you can talk to:

If you find it difficult to talk to a helpline or someone you know, you could:

  • Call your GP – ask for an emergency appointment

  • Call 111 out of hours – they will help you find the support and help you need

  • Contact your mental health crisis team – if you have one


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