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You are not alone. SOS is run by survivors, for survivors. We have been there, seen it, done it and are here for you. Whether you were abused in care, or within a family setting, we can appreciate what you have went through and the impact it has had. 

If you seeking help, more information or simply need someone to talk to, get in touch now!

We know how important anonymity and data security is and can promise you that we do not judge and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

Our Services to You

Complex Trauma​

Complex Trauma otherwise known as Complex PTSD, describes the long-term emotional, physical and mental side-effects of prolonged traumatic events.

The symptoms of childhood sexual abuse are varied and no one individual’s experience is the same.

Complex Trauma Therapy

Our core service is Complex Trauma Therapy, which helps survivors process past trauma and deal with the impact of abuse. Often, our clients have grown up in care or in dysfunctional families and have never felt safe and supported. Our therapy helps such clients develop the skills to navigate the modern world. They learn to regulate their emotions, eradicate maladaptive behaviours and addictions, and self-sooth their fears and worries. We help them plan for the future, find purpose in life, and develop the strength and skills to face face any challenge.

Each client is placed firmly in control of their own therapy and works with their therapist to develop a plan that suits them. If you would like to register for therapy, click below!

Our Therapists

Our therapists are handpicked for their breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and qualifications. They treat each client as a unique individual and together, develop a tailored treatment plan with each client.

Our therapists adopt an integrative approach to treatment, drawing on a range of therapies best suited to the client.

Supporting Services

SOS are known for the quality of our therapy and the real difference we make to survivors’ lives. We are firmly commited to maintaining high standards in support for male survivors and therefore remain focussed on what we do best. As such, we have not expanded into other areas and our additional services simply address the wider needs of survivors outside of the therapy room.

Advocacy Work

Our Advocacy Service helps survivors find their voice and express their wishes. We provide support in many areas, from filling in forms, to navigating the legal system.

Whether you need support in reporting your abuse, need help and encouragement to get out the house, or simply need someone to contact your GP, get in touch to see how we can help.

Community Outreach

Stigma surrounding child abuse still pervades society and prevents many survivors coming forward for help. Our Outreach Program revolves around community engagement and education. From schools to minority groups, we strive to engage, educate and understand the barriers that prevent individuals coming forward for help.

Ultimately, we want to educate and inform, break down barriers and eradicate stigma, and provide survivors with clear routes to support.

Family Support

When we grow up in loving, caring and supporting households, we develop the skills and knowledge that helps us naturally create similar environments for our own children when the time comes. But for those who grew up in traumatic environments, they often lack those skills and struggle with interpersonal relationships. At SOS, we work with those who had traumatic childhoods in care or in dysfunctional households, working with them and their families develop strong relationships and safe, loving environments to raise their own children. We aim to prevent ‘history repeating itself’ and another generation being damaged. 

We also work with family members and friends who struggle when somone close to them discloses their abuse. Confused and experiences a range of emotions, they don’t have the skills or knowledge to help and can often compound an already stressful time. We provide the emotional support and guidance needed to them develop the knowledge and skills to best support their loved-one, extending the support network far beyond the walls of SOS.

Peer Support Group

Our peer-to-peer group provides ongoing support for those who have progressed through therapy. The group is a sanctuary, a safe place, where survivors can meet up with others who simply ‘get you’ and understand.

Meeting every fortnight, the group is the ideal place to share experiences and gain valuable insights and advice. You can say as much or as little as you like and no-one is expected to talk unless they want to.

Group members come from all walks of life and very few topics are off limits. Whether you want to talk football, pass on that hilarious joke you heard, or dig deep into your abuse, you will be at home in group.


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