At SOS, we offer complex trauma therapy that helps survivors deal with both their trauma and the effects of that trauma on their lives, helping them move forward in a positive manner. We encourage all survivors to seek help, but unfortunately demand often exceeds supply when it comes to survivor support.

Whether you are not ready to seek help yet, are awaiting help, or have had help, we want to help you help yourself. Below, you will find useful resources, information and links that can help make life that little bit easier. 

Mental Health

Like physical health, we should strive to maintain and improve our mental health over time.

It will not come as a surprise that childhood sexual abuse can have a profound effect on a survivor’s developing brain and their mental health throughout life. Male survivors can develop maladaptive behaviours, mental health disorders, and negative coping mechanisms. 

If left untreated, mental health can deteriorate over time, and a survivor could find themselves in the grip of addictions, struggling to maintain relationships, and failing to hold down jobs amongst many other issues.

There is no substitute for professional health, but this is only one piece of the jigsaw. Just like someone might eat healthily or exercise to maintain and improve their physical wellbeing, an individual should also take steps to maintain and improve their mental health.  We can’t always avoid the things in life that impact our mental wellbeing, so it is important to understand what is affecting you and what you can do about it.

The NHS have created some great Self-Help resources. Topics include abuse, stress, anger, eating disorders, post traumatic stress, sleeping problems and anxiety, amongst others.

Below, you will find additional information and resources on a variety of key topics.


Every individual book focusses on the subject of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA), each has and continues to inspire and assist survivors, their families, and therapists in understanding and highlighting the many negative manifestations of mental and physical health associated with CSA.


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