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SOS History

Speak Out Scotland (SOS) were founded in direct response to the lack of services for male survivors. Born in 2010, SOS the organisation was created by male survivors, for male survivors.

Survivors continue to play a key role in our operations and can be found at all levels of the organisation - including board members, staff, and volunteers.

Our clients are placed at the heart of the organisation and their feedback helps shape our charity and continually mould our services to meet the ongoing needs of Scotland’s male survivors.

Our Aims

SOS are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s male survivors. We offer a range of services which aim to provide a more holistic approach to recovery from childhood sexual abuse.

We are not prescriptive, and every client is treated as a unique individual, with unique issues and needs. Placed firmly at the centre of their own treatment, our clients work with highly trained professionals to develop a personal treatment plan that evolves over time to meet their changing needs.

Through our Outreach Program, we are also committed to raising awareness and breaking down the stigma surrounding childhood sexual abuse. We engage directly within our communities, aiming to educate and identify any barriers to services, particularly among minority groups.

Quality and Standards

At SOS, we have always focused on delivering quality services that work. To achieve this, we adopt an integrative approach to therapy. That is, each client enjoys the benefits of a tailored treatment plan that draws from a range of therapies. To achieve this, we demand the absolute best in our therapists, who we hand pick for their experience in the field of complex trauma; for their range of qualifications; and for their understanding of male survivor needs.

In addition, our therapy is open-ended and free. That is, there is no limitation on the number of sessions or the duration of therapy.

While therapy is key to recovery, SOS also provide support outside the therapy room. We have developed a range of services for both clients and their loved ones, which provides additional support before, during and after therapy.


SOS are based in Glasgow and have traditionally offered face-to-face therapy at our main offices. However, for those who are isolated by geography, physically or mental health, getting help can be impossible. 

SOS have always believed strongly in Equality of Access to services and have developed online and telephone services as alternatives to face-to-face therapy.

So, whether physical or mental issues limit your ability to travel, or you live in a remote part of the country, please get in touch to see if we can help!

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Charity Status

Speak Out Scotland [SCIO], 54 Cook Street, Glasgow G5 8NJ  Scottish CharityNo. SC048280, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Company number CS003341